Have a Product Idea?

Want to see it on retail shelves? Let me show you how it's done.

Yes! Show me.

Hey there!  I'm Nadine.

I'm just like you...I had a product idea.

Without help or guidance I brought that idea from exactly a physical product, packaged and available for sale on retail shelves nationwide.

I took this journey ALONE, but YOU don't have to.  I'm determined to inspire and help other women meeting the challenges of product development and get their product idea to market. So, grab my hand and let me show you how it's done.  

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Online Program

My Step by Step guide showing you the exact system I used to launch my product idea and get that product on shelves in Retail Stores Nationwide.  

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 Bringing you current topics, tips and tricks for todays Entrepreneur.


Providing inspiration and motivation on those days you need it most. 

Let Me Be Your Product Development Advisor

I can help! You just need a guide. Upon enrollment you will get access to my comprehensive program and daily office hours. Within this program I will walk you through each step to bring your idea to the retail market.

I will share and explain what worked for me, and just as important what didn't. I understand your day to day challenges, struggles and fears. Gain guidance, ask questions and learn tips and strategies from someone who has been there.

What is holding you back? can help you change the course of your life, launch your product idea to the market and run the business you always wanted. I was a stay at home mom turned entrepreneur. I invented a product in my kitchen and brought it to market. It now sells in big box retail stores and online nationwide. Get the right strategies in the right order. If I can do it YOU CAN TOO!

Learn Strategies You Can Implement To Get Into Retailers Like:


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