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about me

An entrepreneur, inventor, business owner, wife and mom dedicated to helping other women actively balance the role of mom and entrepreneur and achieve their business goal. 

Born and raised in New Jersey. I attended Rutgers University  for my undergraduate degree and Seton Hall University School of Law for my graduate degree. I worked for large fortune 500 corporations within the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device industry for most of my adult life.

I'm now a mompreneur who happily left corporate America to raise my young son, Giovanni - the inspiration for my product invention GCap®.  A product that I invented, designed, patented, branded, marketed and launch in retail stores nationwide.  It took many sleepless nights and a considerable amount of money to achieve this but I can show you exactly what worked for me and alert you to the financial pit falls. is an online community created to provide support, guidance and clarity to moms with a product or business idea.  With so much information available it can be confusing and frustrating not knowing what advice and steps to take.

Yes, you can do this on your own...but why?  I can show you exactly how I did it and exactly how you can too!

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We can do this together,

Nadine :)




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